Cables and Wires

We manufacture our electrical wires with 100% Copper material. Copper wiring has been around for many years and is still commonly used today. With copper wiring, you are presented with a number of different benefits.

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Energy Saving Bulbs

Our lightbulbs are guaranteed to save on your electricity bills at home and at work. They have a far longer life than standard bulbs so will need to be replaced less frequently and the technology has improved so that they now reach full brightness almost immediately.

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Distribution Boards

These Distribution boards are normally used in offices, residence, where the distribution is required for lights, Air Conditioning systems, fans and other small appliances working on one phase and three phase arrangements.

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Solar Panels & Accessories

Our solar cell technology makes more energy from every drop of sunshine. Our Solar panels harness the sun’s power to generate electricity provide clean power for homes, communities and businesses, and help cut global carbon emissions.

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